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Office Pro® 24

Portable Air Conditioners
  • 24,000 Btu/hr of maximum spot cooling to just the room that needs it.
  • Programmable digital controller. Operates Automatically weekends or after-hours.
  • Operates on 220v power.
  • Provides cooling down to 65°F... The ideal environment for heat-sensitive electronics

Computer Cooling

Office & Server Room Air Conditioner Units

Providing twice the cooling capacity than the Office Pro 12, the Office Pro 24 portable server room air conditioner is specifically designed for offices filled with heat-generating electronics. Computer cooling is absolutely critical to prevent networks, communications and office equipment from shutting down when the temperature rises, which can cripple daily operations. This spot computer room air conditioner just cools the area or room that needs it, saving you money while protecting your company's investment in equipment and customers. Self-contained and portable, the Office Pro 24 requires no costly installation - simply roll it in, plug it in and turn it on.

** Exhaust required in most cases.

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