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Automotive Service Bay Portable Units

To Cool Technicians and Engines

MovinCool Automotive Service Center Cooling


  • After-Hours / Weekends
  • Emergency Back-Up Cooling
  • Supplemental Cooling
  • Warehouses

In an automotive service center, whenever the outside temperature goes up, trying to keep its service technicians cool enough is a challenge. As the heat and humidity increases, productivity can plummet.

MovinCool Class & Classic Plus series of portable air conditioning units help workers avoid heat stress and increase productivity.

  • Keep employees cool in hot environments.
  • Reduce fatigue, in jury and heat stress while increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • True R-410A-refrigerant-based air conditioning effectiveness.
  • Mesh filter reduces airborne particulates and risk of eye injury when compared with fans and evaporative coolers.
  • Works in high-humidity environments.
  • Rugged design with full three-year parts and labor warranty.
  • Completely portable and self-contained unit.
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Doug Paddock -
Owner, Paddock Imports
"I was also impressed that MovinCool is made by DENSO. I was already familiar with DENSO’s quality from their auto parts, so I was confident the MovinCool systems would be reliable. The difference is tremendous. The units reduce the temperature in our work areas by 20 degrees or more. In order for us to maintain the quality of service we offer our customers, we need to make sure our employees have a comfortable working environment, and MovinCool helps us do that. I can’t quantify the precise increase in productivity—although it is significant—but the improvement in morale alone is worth it. It’s become a necessity for us, Because of the type of cars we work on, we pride ourselves on having the latest technology and the right tool for the job. And now MovinCool is another one of those tools.”
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