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Healthcare Solution

Healthcare Solution
  • Hospitals
  • Imaging Centers
  • Laboratories
  • MRI Rooms
  • Outpatient Facilities
  • X-Ray Equipment

Recent advances in healthcare technology have generated a need for additional cooling as more heat-generating medical equipment is being used today. MovinCool's Office Pro Portable Air Conditioner Series cools healthcare facilities, keeping your equipment and practices running smoothly.

  • Temporary use for emergency rooms when they become too hot and over-crowded.
  • Prevent heat-generating laboratory equipment from shutting down and keep your lab employees cool.
  • If your healthcare facility is under construction and your main air conditioning unit is temporarily offline, use MovinCool to remain in a functional environment.
  • Keep MRI rooms and other imaging centers running with supplemental cooling.
See what customers are saying about
Tony Fisher -
St. Francis Medical Center
“We had a 900-ton chiller controller that kept overheating and tripping, dropping off the chiller. We brought in MovinCool to blow cold air on the chiller controller to keep the chiller going until we were able to repair it. The MovinCool portable air conditioner kept us in business, kept the patients cool and was a life saver in a crisis.”
Nick Orr -
Little Company of Mary Hospital
“When the laboratory was first built, the air conditioning was more than adequate. However, over the years a lot of new electronic equipment that produces a lot of heat has been added. We brought in two MovinCool portable air conditioner systems, plugged them in, ran the ductwork to the ceiling. Within minutes we had cool air and everything was running smoothly and efficiently.”
Joe Cron -
CHD Meridian Healthcare
“We’ve used MovinCool portable air conditioners in a number of different applications, from small clinics to major distribution centers. The products always stood up, always done the trick every single time.”
Michael Clifford -
Chief Engineer, VA Medical Center
“We used a MovinCool portable air conditioner when the air handler was down and one of the critical MICU areas got hot. We pulled in the MovinCool units and set them up. It took care of the patients until we were able to get the air handler back online.”
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