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Office Room Air Conditioners

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MovinCool Office Cooling

Office / School Solution

Office / School Solution
  • After-Hours / Weekends
  • Contingency Management
  • Emergency Back-Up Cooling
  • Maintenance
  • Supplemental Cooling
  • Temporary Classrooms

Hot, grueling temperatures can cause heat-sensitive computer servers and other office systems to fail, crippling daily operations. Office spaces and classrooms experiencing extreme heat can also become inoperable. Keep your systems, employees or students going with MovinCool's Office Pro series portable air conditioners.

  • Don't waste money replacing your existing air conditioning system when all you need is supplemental cooling for hot spots.
  • Reduce distractions in the classroom by keeping your students and faculty cool during the heat season.
  • Provide instant temporary cooling relief to critical areas when your existing air conditioning system shuts down.
  • Don't sweat the heat after-hours or during the weekend as each Office unit can be programmed to provide cooling relief at any time.
See what customers are saying about
Bruce Shapiro -
University of California, Irvine
"We use MovinCool for several different applications here. We have laboratory environments, classroom environments, animal rooms and convenient store applications. We really like its portability. It's easy to maneuver into the space. One person can do it and set it up. We use the 110V portable air conditioner. Plug it in, turn it on and complete the job. We walk away, it's painless for us and the occupants."
Don Buckman -
Skokie School District
"We bought a MovinCool portable air conditioner to cool our technology rooms. It's a very good unit, we love it very much."
Gary Comens -
Grey Town School District
"We've used MovinCool portable air conditioners in a number of different applications, from small clinics to major distribution centers. The products always stood up, always done the trick every single time."
Jeff Cook -
Philadelphia School District
"I've used the MovinCool portable units to spot cool main offices and school buildings when the chillers were down. It worked great as a temporary supplemental air conditioner to keep the offices and administrators cool while we worked on the chiller."
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