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If your Server Room is stifling hot, MovinCool offers up a full line of portable spot air conditioners proven to be toughest, most effective and long-lasting in the industry. Fully self-contained, simply roll them in, set the digital temperature controller and get back to work – in cool comfort. We know keeping your servers at optimal temperature is critical to eliminating overheating and downtime – that’s why MovinCool has the right solution for your application.

MovinCool's Office Pro® Series are portable air- and water-cooled models with cooling capacities from 12,000 to 60,000 Btu/h. They feature a new, environmentally-friendly programmable digital controller that offers automatic after-hours and weekend cooling operations.

MovinCool's latest CMW30 ceiling-mount water-cooled air conditioner fits into most drop-ceiling spaces, making it the perfect data center cooling solution for rooms with limited floor space. The unit is compact, self-contained, and easy to install. The CMW30 model offers a high sensible cooling capacity for computer rooms. It comes standard with a wall-mounted controller that offers advanced programmability and settings features.

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