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MovinCool's Office Pro portable air conditioning series provides supplemental or instant emergency back-up cooling to protect your critical equipment during a heat-related crisis.

With a trend towards smaller, more "heat dense" servers, equipment shutdowns may be more likely to occur as your existing server room air conditioner system becomes inadequate.

  • Our compact, portable computer cooling units conveniently roll into tight spaces, providing you a quick spot cooling solution.
  • Don't spend your entire budget when all you need is supplemental cooling for hot spots.
  • MovinCool's computer room air conditioner provides a safe environment to protect your systems and data.
  • Use an Office Pro portable air conditioner with programmable controls to keep equipment cool after-hours or during weekends.
See what customers are saying about
Ken Kouba -
Sr. IT Executive
“I've been in the IT industry for 25 years. My reputation in data centers is very crucial. Part of having a computer running is having a nice cool environment. I have two MovinCool portable air conditioners on stand-by at all times for emergencies. They really do the job. They can be moved anywhere and can be stored in any closet. They're highly efficient and I'd recommend them to everyone.”
Cato Johnson -
Construction Manager, Syska Hennessy
“I had to use MovinCool for a data center project I had where we lost one of the A/C units. We brought in a couple MovinCool portable air conditioners to the space, was able to maintain a comfortable temperature in an order of two weeks until we could get a heat exchanger replaced and get that unit back online. MovinCool came in and took care of the problem. We had no problems.”
Ernest Labbe -
Service Advisors
“Unfortunately, we lost an air conditioner's evaporator in a data center. We used fans like a lot of companies, trying to get the hot air out, but we were starting to lose equipment and that was going to shut us down for the day. I managed to get a hold of the local MovinCool distributor in our area and he quickly trucked over one of their machines. He quickly hooked it up, plugged it into the wall, ran a pipe out the door so we could get the hot air out and it brought the temperature down in the facility very quickly to the point where we could get the main A/C system cracking. It was a very big help to us. I'd recommend MovinCool to anyone who needs a solution in a hurry.”
Mark Rudd -
Regional Facilities Director, Meijer
“I've used MovinCool to help my data centers cool whenever our air conditioner systems went down. We had to keep our check out lanes running so our guests would be serviced and we used MovinCool to keep those areas cool so our computers would run.”
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