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For detailed specifications and list pricing for each MovinCool model, click on the link below or contact one of our resellers to discuss the best portable air conditioner solution for your specific needs.

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We've Got You Covered with Our Portable Air Conditioning Units

With a MovinCool portable air conditioner, you can focus cool air exactly where it's needed to keep equipment, processes, and people cool. What many portable AC units don't cover, MovinCool will—flexibly and cost-efficiently. Our portable AC units have been designed to go where you need them in order to keep things comfortable.

For indoor environments such as computer and telecom rooms or offices that contain heat-generating electronics, see our Office Pro Portable Air Conditioner Series. This line of self-contained, portable units from 12,000 to 60,000 Btu/hr is simple to install: just roll it in, plug it in, and turn it on for instant spot cooling. The Office Pro's programmable digital controls make it perfect for automatic after-hours and weekend operations.

For versatility within offices or factories, see our original line of MovinCool units in the Classic Portable Air Conditioner Series. Ranging in sizes from 10,000 to 60,000 Btu/hr, there's a size to meet any requirement or application. If you need more precise temperature control, the Classic Plus Series of portable air conditioning units offers the same benefits as the Classic Series, plus programmable digital temperature controls. Like the Office Pro Series, Classic and Classic Plus portable air conditioners require little or no installation, allowing for immediate cooling when and where it's needed.

MovinCool also offers dehumidification technology for fast drying and protection from moisture damage and ceiling-mounted A/C units for areas with limited floor space. No matter what level of cooling and drying you need, there's a MovinCool solution.

To find the MovinCool unit for your application, search by name, cooling capacity, or voltage or use our product selector. Once you locate a portable room air conditioner unit that fits your requirements, you can find a local dealer through the website for rental or purchase. Protect your critical equipment and employees—as well as your bottom line—with MovinCool.

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