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Outdoor / Event Solution

Outdoor / Event Solution
  • Art Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Hospitality Suites
  • Movie Sets
  • Sporting Events
  • Vending Booths

MovinCool's portable air conditioner systems are often used to provide cooling relief outdoors and at events. MovinCool units are entirely self-contained, enabling quick and easy set-up, installation and breakdown at all events. Our Classic 40 and Classic 60 portable air conditioners are both ETL listed for outdoor use. This ensures safe cooling under strong sunlight and high humid conditions.

  • Bring outdoor cooling to areas you thought were impossible to air condition.
  • Impress your guests with what a MovinCool spot cooler can do; it produces a comfortable environment, even in the hottest and stickiest of seasons.
  • Protect participants from the dangers of extreme heat during events.
See what customers are saying about
Bob Brown -
PGA Tour Productions
"The production trailers have a lot of equipment. We have editing bays, computers, office machines, and sound gear which all pump out some serious heat. With a hot and humid climate, heat rises quickly in that tight space. All we had to use before were fans, which would just blow the hot air around. It was unbearable. MovinCool portable air conditioners work great and make such a difference. And MovinCool is very easy to get. They have distributors in all areas of the country."
John Rowden -
Mammal Curator, Central Park Zoo
"The polar bears at Central Park Zoo have it made. Not only do they have access to a 90,000-gallon swimming pool, misters and an ice-maker that constantly provides piles of ice, they now have these powerful, MovinCool portable air conditioners. The MovinCool units can be simply plugged in and turned on. There's no hassle with installation. The animals can immediately begin to notice the cool breezes. They even help the zoo visitors cool off too!"
Kent Dunford -
Frasca International, Inc.
"We manufacture flight simulators. We use the MovinCool portable air conditioner to cool our instructors' cabs. There's a lot of electronics on top of our motion bases. It gets pretty hot for our instructors and students. So we pumped cool air from the MovinCool into the instructors' cabs and it created an extraordinary solution to our heat problem."
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