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Climate Pro K12

When your office or telecom assets need a simple cooling boost.

With a footprint of slightly over 4 sq. ft., the Climate Pro K12 delivers 12,000 Btu/h of cooling relief.

  • Miserly on power. Runs on 115V with 15 amp circuit and uses just 1.2 kW.

  • Provides effective cooling in conditions from 65° to 95°F.

12,000 Btu/h

Cooling Capacity

1 Phase, 115V


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Climate Pro K12 Features

Get the value you expect.

The Climate Pro K12 brings the latest in design and performance to give you the best in safety and ease of operation.

See all the features that distinguish the entire Climate Pro Series

    Advanced features include:

    • Programmable electronics for automatic operation after hours and on weekends.
    • Wireless connectivity-ready for remote monitoring and e-notifications of performance.

    Quiet, reliable operation.

    At highest speed with condenser duct, sound level 59 dB(A) — similar to sound levels from an electric toothbrush.

    Avoid downtime due to overheated electronics — and keep employees comfortable and productive.






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    Electronic Features

    Control PanelProgrammable

    Cooling Capacity

    Rating Conditions: 95°F @ 60% RH12,000 Btu/h

    Electrical Characteristics

    Voltage Requirement1 Phase, 115 V
    Total Power Consumption1.2 kW
    Current Consumption10.3 amps
    Recommended Fuse Size15 amps
    NEMA Plug Configuration5-15P
    Min. - Max. Voltage104 - 127 V


    Motor Output0.23 kW


    Fan TypeCentrifugal
    Max. Air Flow - High/Mid/Low410/380/330 CFM
    Max. External Static Pressure0.31 IWG


    Fan TypeCentrifugal
    Max. Air Flow - High/Mid/Low760/700/640 CFM
    Max. External Static Pressure0.16 IWG


    TypeHermetic Rotary
    Output0.75 kW




    W x D x H22 x 27 x 47 in


    Net / Shipping166 / 208 lb

    Power Cord

    Gauge14 AWG (3-core)
    Length10 ft

    Condensate Tank

    Capacity5 gal

    Operating Conditions

    Min. - Max.65°F @ 50% RH - 95°F @ 60%RH

    Max. Duct Length

    Per Cold Duct Hose30 ft
    Hot Duct Hose60 ft

    Max. Sound Level

    With Condenser Duct - High/Mid/Low59/57/53 dB(A)
    Without Condenser Duct - High/Mid/Low61/59/55 dB(A)

    Specifications subject to change without notice. All models feature compressor overload relay and fan motor protection. All models also feature compressor short-cycle protection, return air thermostat, automatic restart and accommodate a condensate pump kit. All portable models are 50 Hz-compatible with a slight performance decrease from specifications listed.



    Part Num



    1481170-0450Supply Air Flange Kit, 5-in dia. 5-in diameter white metal flange with wire clamp and mounting screws. Use with supply air ducts.
    2484209-0480Nozzle Kit, 5-in dia.5-in diameter plastic nozzle that extends up to 2 feet in length. Quick connect type. Includes trim ring.
    4481744-0091Self-Supported Duct, 5-in dia.5-in diameter, white plastic duct that extends from 6.5 to 10 feet in length.
    5481851-0200Trim Ring, 5-in dia.5-in diameter black plastic ring mounts as end caps for extension duct.
    6481170-0480Supply Air Flange Kit, 5-in dia., Quick Connect type5-in diameter white metal flange with wire clamp and mounting screws. Quick Connect Type. Use with supply air ducts.
    6A481769-0280Nozzle Adapter Kit, 5-in dia.Adapter converts airflow from louvers to nozzles or air ducts.
    8LAY45771-0060Flexible Air Duct, 12-in dia. (not shown)12-in diameter wire-reinforced, accordion-style duct in 10-ft length for outdoor air exhaust. Includes clamp.
    9LA146373-8280Celling Tile Kit, 12-in hole, plastic24-in x 24-in plastic white tile with 12-in hole for exhaust air self-supported duct.
    9484490-1030Celling Tile Kit, 12-in hole, metal24-in x 24-in sheet metal tile with 12-in hole and built-in flange for exhaust air flexible duct kit
    10484350-1160Outdoor Air PlenumWhite plastic plenum for return air to condenser. Hinged for filter cleaning.
    11484789-0210Condensate Pump Kit, 110V115V pump kit includes 3/8-in diameter x 20-ft length hose. Includes installation hardware. Maximum lift: 20 feet at 115V

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