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Industrial Solution

Industrial Solution
  • Assembly Lines
  • CNC Machines
  • Food Processing
  • Injection Molding
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Process Cooling
  • Warehouses

Protect your employees, processes and equipment from their hottest environments with MovinCool portable air conditioner solutions.

For more than thirty years, MovinCool's Classic & Classic Plus series of industrial air conditioning units has provided effective cooling solutions for factories, warehouses and workplaces.

  • Our industrial cooling units bring cool, refrigerated air to your production lines without the need to spend hundreds of thousands on 100 or more tons of cooling.
  • MovinCool portable AC units help reduce the risk of heat exhaustion and increase your employee morale, leading to improved manufacturing quality and productivity.
  • MovinCool spot cooling units prevent product defects by eliminating warping and condensation due to excess heat and humidity.
  • Our portable AC units reduce processing time for most heat-related production processes by up to 94%.
See what customers are saying about
Dave Sanitate -
Warehouse Manager - Special “T” Fasteners
“Working in Chatsworth, California, it gets very hot in the summertime. I needed to find a way, instead of cooling the whole warehouse, to cool a small portion of it. I needed to make the area where the guys work cool. We looked to MovinCool and it really did the job.”
Larry Steeley -
VP of Operations, Rainbow Technology
“We have a very hot warehouse in the summertime and have a number of applications for the MovinCool portable air conditioner that has proven successful for us for the last two years and we are looking to add several more units to our warehouse facility. MovinCool helps increase production and promotes a happy work environment.”
Michael Franks -
Sweetheart Cup Company, Inc.
“We used MovinCool out on our production lines for our thermal forming areas where it's very hot. We put a MovinCool spot cooler right on the packing areas and distributed them onto people. It cooled down the area so we didn't have to be moving out every other time and shifting people to cool down.”
Lito Aquiat -
Plant Manager, Hawaiian Host Chocolates
“There's a design problem with our building. Our air conditioning system is maxed out and doesn't meet the needs of the production and packing areas. We looked for a solution to keep the workers more comfortable and the candy from softening during transport to the cold storage area. Our air conditioner representative referred us to MovinCool. We place the MovinCool units near the workers and it really helps. When workers are more comfortable, their productivity is better, plus the spot cooling keeps the candy at the right temperature.”
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