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What is Your Cooling Need?

Use this Product Selector to determine the right model and accessories for your application.

Primary Cooling

I don't have any A/C. A/C turns off after hours and/or on weekends.

Supplemental Cooling

I don't have enough A/C.

Spot Cooling

I don't want to cool a large area, I just need to cool specific hot spots.

Product Selector

With a portable air conditioner from MovinCool, you are guaranteed to receive quality and effective cooling technology. All our equipment is designed and crafted with equal care and attention to detail. And, because we're cooling experts, we can say to you that a thoughtful selection of your portable air conditioning device will constitute a marked difference in your office and workspace.

To assist you in making your selection, we've created the product selector you see here. With it, you'll find it easier to sort through our portable and ceiling-mount models. Use it to make a better-informed decision about which models will best suit your needs.

For instance, certain equipment designed to cool specific hot spots are not designed for cooling large areas. This product selector will help you find which of our portable and ceiling-mount air conditioners are right for your application.

Use this product selector for estimating purposes only. We recommend consulting a qualified professional before making your final decision. MovinCool / DENSO Corporation accepts no responsibility or liability resulting from the use of these recommendations or any claims arising from its use.

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