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Office Pro® 63

Portable Air Conditioners
  • Operates on 460v power.
  • Provides 60,000 Btu/hr of cool air... maximum spot cooling to just the room that needs it.
  • No costly installation necessary ... simply roll it in, plug it in, turn it on.
  • Condensation pump included ... pumps water to remote drain for uninterrupted operation.
  • 24/7 programmable operating modes


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# Part Name Office Pro 63 - Description Part Number
. Storage Cover Durable black nylon oxford unit storage cover. LAY84420-0710
1. Nozzle Adapter Kit Three-piece metal frame converts airflow from louvers to nozzles or cold air ducts. Includes mounting screws. (Nozzles and ducts sold separately.) LAY45770-0070
1A. Duct Adapter Kit Same as above, but for use with cold air flexible ducts. Includes flange. (Cold air flexible ducts sold separately.) LAY45770-0080
2. Nozzle Kit 6" diameter white plastic nozzle that extends up to 2' in length. Includes flange, mounting screws and trim ring. (Purchase in sets of two.) 484209-0050
3. Cold Air Flange Kit 6" diameter white metal flange with wire clamp and mounting screws.Use with cold air ducts. 481170-0250
4. Cold Air Extension Duct 6" adjustable diameter, white plastic duct that extends from 6-1/2' to 10' in length. 481744-0030
4A. Cold Air Flexible Duct 8" diameter wire-reinforced, accordion-style duct in 25' lengths. LAY45810-0030
4B. Cold Air Self-Supported Duct 8"adjustable diameter, white plastic duct that extends from 6-1/2' to 10' in length. LAY45810-0080
5. Trim Ring 6" diameter black plastic ring mounts as end caps for extension duct. 481851-0210
7. Ceiling Tile Kit 24" x 24" sheet metal tile with 16" hole for warm air flexible duct kit GX484410-8940
8. Condenser Air Plenum White plastic plenum for return air to condenser. Hinged for filter cleaning. LAY84270-0060
9. Condensate Pump Kit Included with this model. Included
10. Condensate Tank Drain tank storage for condensation. Requires condensate float, sold separately. (For OP60/63 only) 484730-0010
10A. Condensate Float (not shown) Controls water level in condensate tanks. (For OP60/63 only) 484460-0010
11. Evaporator Air Plenum White plastic plenum for return air to evaporator. LAY84270-0070
12. Warm Air Flexible Duct Kit 16" diameter wire-reinforced, accordion-style duct in 25' length for condenser exhaust or evaporator intake. Includes clamp. LAY45820-0010
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