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Climate Pro® 12

Portable Air Conditioners
  • Highest-performance unit in its class by actual measured output
  • High cooling capacity of 10,200 Btu/h (11,500 Btu/h ASHRAE Standard 128-2001)
  • High heating capacity of 9,900 Btu/h
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display provides on-screen diagnostics, with step-by-step instructions to start, set up or restore operation.
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Electronic Features
Cooling Capacity
Rating Conditions:
Cooling: Indoor @ 80°F / Outdoor @ 80°F @ 50% RH
Heating: Indoor @ 70°F / Outdoor @ 47°F @ 50% RH
Cooling: 10,200 Btu/h
Heating: 9,900 Btu/h
Electrical Characteristics
Voltage Requirement
1 Phase, 115V
Total Power ConsumptionCooling: 1.23 kW, Heating: 1.25 kW
Current ConsumptionCooling: 11.1 amps, Heating: 11.3 amps
Recommended Fuse Size15 amps
NEMA Plug Configuration5 - 15P
Min. - Max. Voltage105 - 125
Motor Output - high/mid/low
Supply: 0.059/0.031/0.024 kW
Exhaust: 0.134 kW
Indoor Heat Exchanger (Supply)
Fan Type
Max. Air Flow - high/mid/low 420/340/280 CFM
Max. External Static Pressure0.31 IWG
Outdoor Heat Exchanger (Exhaust)
Fan Type
Max. Air Flow 760 CFM
Max. External Static Pressure0.23 IWG
Hermetic Rotary
Output0.91 kW
W x D X H
21 x 27 x 44 in
Net Weight/Shipping Weight
196/238 lb
Power Cord
14 AWG (3-core)
Length10 ft
Condensate Tank Capacity
5 gal
Operating Conditions
Min. - Max. (@ 50% RH)
Cooling - 65° - 95°F
Without Plenum: 40°F - 80°F (Air entering indoor and outdoor heat exchangers) With Plenum: 40°F - 80°F (Air entering indoor heat exchanger) 24°F- 80°F (Air entering outdoor heat exchanger)
Max. Equivalent Duct Length
Supply Duct Hose
30 ft
Exhaust Duct Hose100 ft
Max. Sound Level
With Exhaust Duct - high/low
61/59 dB(A)
Without Exhaust Duct - high/low62/60 dB(A)
Note: All specifications subject to change without notice.
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