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New MovinCool CM25 Self-Contained, Ceiling-Mounted Air Conditioner

New MovinCool CM25 Self-Contained, Ceiling-Mounted Air Conditioner

Industry’s highest cooling capacity, low cost

November 9, 2009


The new MovinCool® CM25 self-contained, ceiling-mounted air conditioner offers the industry’s highest cooling capacity for an air conditioner of its class, but at a lower cost than conventional solutions such as precision cooling systems. It has a total cooling capacity of 25,000 Btu/h and a high sensible cooling capacity of 18,900 Btu/h, yet its manufacturer’s suggested list price is only $6,995.

The compact CM25 was specifically designed for server rooms and other spaces with dense heat loads. The unit is only 20 inches high, enabling it to fit above a drop ceiling. A built-in mounting bracket, flanges and vibration isolators allow easy, low-cost installation using standard,
off-the-shelf hardware. No refrigerant connections are required, further reducing costs.

The CM25 also has an environmentally friendly, 14 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio), made possible by an energy-saving, variable-speed inverter compressor and inverter fan motors. Other green features include R-410A refrigerant and RoHS compliance.

In addition, the CM25 has a state-of-the-art, wall-mounted controller that offers advanced communications, monitoring and self-diagnosis capabilities.

“As the industry’s first self-contained, ceiling-mount air conditioner with such a high cooling capacity, not to mention its advanced, energy-efficient features and affordable price, the CM25 represents a significant engineering breakthrough,” said John Doran, senior manager, Commercial and Industrial Systems. “We are certain that our customers will find the CM25 to be an ideal solution for their server rooms and other heat-dense environments,” Doran added.

For more information about the new MovinCool CM25 air conditioner, visit http://www.movincool.com/portable-air-conditioner/cm25.php.

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