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CM12 Saves Equipment and Lives

CM12 Saves Equipment and Lives

April 3, 2008

Long Beach, CA

Wherever he goes, Bill Schuelie with SBE Hotel Group is ready to chill with MovinCool portable cooling solutions. And not long ago in Puerto Rico, he solved two cooling problems - one which meant life itself.

As a construction manager, Bill is a roving warrior tasked with overseeing all things building related. On the construction project in Puerto Rico, he encountered two problem hot spots. One was a telephone equipment room. The other? A medical room that houses organs donated for transplants.

“We needed a way to keep both of these rooms at a cool temperature,” Bills says. “Equipment rooms are notorious for heating up. And we needed to keep the medical room cool seven days a week, even when the rest of the building had its air conditioning off for the weekend.”

The medical room solution sought to keep the employees cool and comfortable, and support their efforts to keep the transplant organs in healthy condition. Adding to the cooling problem was the outside temperature. “Summer in the Caribbean is really hot, which makes it even worse,” Bill says. An engineer designed an air conditioning solution, but it was expensive and inefficient, according to Bill.

Bill contacted MovinCool in Florida and had two CM12s flown in. He chose the small, spot cool ceiling-mount systems for several reasons. “The units are ceiling mounted and self-contained; there’s no condensate pan. The exhaust duct went into the plenum return. The unit has its own thermostat, so we just set it to the right temperature and that’s it,” he says.

“The whole experience was painless,” Bill says. “You just install the CM12 and walk away. It doesn’t take up any floor space and there’s no special electrical required - it’s 110V.” The CM12 solution was not only convenient, but also more cost effective, Bill says. “We saved thousands. Everyone was really happy. The units more than paid for themselves.”

Today, Bill is in Los Angeles, overseeing a major transformation of the SLS Hotel (formerly Le Meridien Hotel Beverly Hills), which has been conceptualized by celebrated designer Philippe Starck. So far, Bill hasn’t needed any portable cooling solutions for the job. “But if a problem should arise, I have a MovinCool solution ready,” he says.

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