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January 26, 2005

LONG BEACH, CA. (January 25, 2005) - Dehumidification, long a welcome byproduct of the air conditioning process, has been reconfigured into an important customer benefit by MovinCool, the leader in portable spot cooling solutions. Moisture from floods and other water-laden natural disasters, as well as the more-common leaks, spills and condensation problems, can wreak havoc. Electronics, computer and telecom rooms. Construction and renovation projects using drywall, plaster, paint, adhesives, and concrete. Hospitals and other medical facilities. Paper storage, packaging and artwork. All are especially susceptible to moisture damage. The MovinCool Office Pro and Classic lines of portable spot coolers are all equipped with sufficient moisture-removal capabilities to quickly respond to an unexpected disaster. MovinCool has designed a series of easy configurations to address the growing problems from moisture with both a fast-drying and a fast-drying and cooling solution. As a result, all MovinCool models exceed the dehumidification requirements specified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) for areas up to 2500 square feet. In the fast-drying setup, as the cooling unit pushes cool, dry air into the room, an added duct recycles the warm, dry exhaust air generated by the cooling process into the damp areas of the room where it absorbs moisture and draws it back into the spot cooler where it condenses out. In the fast-drying and cooling setup, a plenum and external exhaust ducts are added to the spot cooler so that as the cool, dry air fills the room, the moisture-laden air is drawn into the unit by the powerful blower and exhausted to the outside. “The MovinCool fast-drying and cooling set-up speeds the drying process and spot cools at the same time,” according to John Doran, manager, Heat Management Department. “It can mean the difference between a quick recovery and a lot of downtime, lost work hours, lost records and lost data,” Doran added. Each MovinCool model is completely self-contained & portable and designed to fit a wide variety of workspace areas. They can be brought in to handle these problem spots in minutes and can move quickly from place to place as the need warrants because you simply roll them in, plug them in, and turn them on to get instant spot cooling and drying in any critical area. Companies looking for additional information and advice on portable spot cooling and drying with the MovinCool lineup of air conditioning units can view a flash animation of the spot cooling and drying process on the MovinCool website at http://www.movincool.com or contact the company directly at 800-264-9573. MovinCool is a brand of DENSO, one of the world's largest manufacturers of automotive parts, robotics and spot coolers. The company pioneered the idea of portable cooling systems to meet its own automotive factory needs in Japan. Since then, MovinCool has designed a range of models designed to address the needs of offices and computer rooms. MovinCool is located at 3900 Via Oro Avenue in Long Beach, California, 800-264-9573. For more information, visit http://www.movincool.com. DENSO Corporation, headquartered in Kariya, Aichi prefecture, Japan, is a leading global supplier of advanced technology, systems and components. Its customers include all the world's major carmakers. Worldwide, the company employs 95,000 people in 31 countries and regions, including Japan. Consolidated global sales for the fiscal year. ended March 31, 2004 totaled US$24.2 billion. DENSO common stock is traded on the Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya stock exchanges. For more information, go to http://www.globaldenso.com. In the Americas (North, Central and South America), DENSO employs 14,000 people at 27 companies. Consolidated sales for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2004 totaled US$5.3 billion. For more information, see http://www.densocorp-na.com. # # #

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