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Ceiling Mount Air Conditioners
  • 29,400 Btu/h total cooling capacity
  • High sensible cooling – ideal for server rooms
  • Environmentally friendly design – 17 IEER, R-410A refrigerant and RoHS compliant
  • Low-cost installation using standard off-the-shelf hardware
  • Maximum sound level of only 55 dB(A) – 5 decibels lower than a normal conversation
  • Wide condenser EWT range – 45 to 115°F


Electronic Features
Wall Mounted Controller
Electrical Characteristics
Voltage Requirement
208/230V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
Min. - Max. Voltage198-253
Recommended Fuse Size20 amps
Cooling Capacity and Power Consumption Evaporator: 80 °F, 50% RH
/Condenser: 95 °F, 50% RH
Total Cooling Capacity
29,400 Btu/h 1
Sensible Cooling Capacity20,800 Btu/h 1
Power Consumption1.99 kW 1
Current Consumption8.9 amps 1
Evaporator: 72 °F, 50% RH Condenser: 95 °F, 50% RH
Total Cooling Capacity
25,200 Btu/h 1
Sensible Cooling Capacity22,000 Btu/h 1
Power Consumption2.00 kW 1
Current Consumption9amps 1
Fan Type
Max. Air Flow - high/low1060/840 CFM
Max. External Static Pressure0.66 IWG
Fan Type
Water Cooled Condenser
Max. Air Flow - high/lowN/A
External Static PressureN/A
Hermetic Swing Inverter
W x D x H (without flange)
45 × 32 × 20 in
W x D x H (with flange)49 x 35 x 20 in
Net Weight/Shipping Weight
236/271 lbs
Condensate Pump Capacity
Pump Rate
5 gal/h
Head4 ft.
Operating Conditions
55°F - 95°F, 50% RH
Condenser45°F - 115°F (Condenser Water)
Max. Duct Length
Cold Duct Hose
120ft 2
Hot Duct HoseN/A
Max. Sound Level
Under ceiling tile
with evaporator duct
55 dB(A)

1 Measured with two 6 ft ducts with one 90° bend each, supply grill and return grill with filter (0.30 IWG external static pressure) (ducts not included)

2 Confirm pressure drop of duct, grills and filter with manufacturer specifications.

* Specification information shown with 230V.

Note: All specifications subject to change without notice.
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